NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 9 bold offseason trade targets for Los Angeles Lakers

As the NBA offseason quickly approaches, we take an early look at a few potential bold trade targets for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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5. Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets

If the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a talented and emerging wing to play next to LeBron James, they should kick tires on Mikal Bridges. Even though it would be shocking if the Brooklyn Nets decided to trade him, he's certainly a player who could be on every team's radar soon. Bridges is going to be 28 years old by the time next season begins and the Nets aren't in a place where they're ready to compete in the Eastern Conference.

It would make sense for the Nets to at least explore the option of trading Bridges. Even though they're not at that point yet, it wouldn't be surprising for them to get to that point if they quickly realize they're not going to be able to build around Bridges as soon as they would've hoped. Maybe the Lakers could pursue the Nets to trade Bridges? Again, it's probably highly unlikely but heading into the offseason, it could be worth a gamble for the Lakers.

In what could be labeled as a dream scenario for the Lakers, Bridges is a high-level player who could excel in a third-option role next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.