NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking each team's 3 most valuable trade assets heading into the offseason

What are the best trade assets that each team has to offer heading into the NBA offseason?
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Memphis Grizzlies

Top trade assets:
1. Marcus Smart
2. 9th overall pick in 2024 NBA Draft
3. GG Jackson

Coming off a lost season, the Memphis Grizzlies are likely going to enter the summer with the priority of trying to add more talent around Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaron Jackson Jr. Assuming that the Grizzlies are not gonna trade any of their core three players, Memphis still has enough trade assets around them to emerge as a significant player during the offseason.

At the top, Marcus Smart is an interesting player to keep an eye on heading into the offseason. If the Grizzlies do intend on making a big splash, you'd have to assume that Smart is almost going to have to be involved one way or another. The Grizzlies also have the ninth overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft and even though this year's draft class is considered to be "weak," this is still a pick that holds some value as a potential sweetener in a bigger deal.

GG Jackson is another player that could hold real value on the trade block considering how impressive he looked in spurts this season. If Memphis looks to trade Jackson, it would be interesting what his market would be.