NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking each team's 3 most valuable trade assets heading into the offseason

What are the best trade assets that each team has to offer heading into the NBA offseason?
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Miami Heat

Top trade assets:
1. Jaime Jaquez Jr.
2. Tyler Herro
3. Nikola Jovic

Even though the Miami Heat's trade assets have been talked down a bit over the last year or so, this is a team that will enter the offseason with some pieces to play with as they scan the trade market for an All-Star player that could emerge as a potential final piece of the championship puzzle or, at the very least, extend the Jimmy Butler championship window.

At the top of their trade asset list is Jaime Jaquez Jr. During his rookie season, he impressed to say the least, and even though he hit a wall towards the end of the year, this is still a player that many across the league have to be intrigued by. Tyler Herro still has to hold value and even though his contract is not a bargain, he still has proven to have the capability to be the best sixth man in the NBA. In the right role, Herro could still be a truly impactful player in the NBA.

And finally, Nikola Jovic could be a valuable stretch-4 in the right situation assuming he continues to take steps forward in his development.