NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking each team's 3 most valuable trade assets heading into the offseason

What are the best trade assets that each team has to offer heading into the NBA offseason?
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San Antonio Spurs

Top trade assets:
1. 2025 1st Round Pick
2. Devin Vassell
3. 4th overall pick in 2024 NBA Draft

There's a growing belief that the San Antonio Spurs are going to enter the NBA offseason with the priority or goal of upgrading the roster around Victor Wembanyama. At the moment, it's a mystery how they're going to approach that goal. However, if they do move forward with trying to upgrade the roster via trade, they will certainly have enough trade assets to get something done. At the top, the team's 2025 first-round pick will prove to be increasingly valuable. Without knowing how much of a step forward the team will make next season, this pick is still viewed as a likely high pick at the moment.

Devin Vassell is a player that may not be completely off-limits heading into the offseason. Especially if the Spurs are looking to make a move for a star to help complement Wemby. If he were shopped on the trade market, Vassell could fetch a strong return for San Antonio.

Finally, the team's 4th overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft could also prove to have strong value. Even though this year's draft class isn't considered relatively strong, there is still value in having a top 5 pick.