NBA Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings could look to target 2 polarizing names

The Sacramento Kings could have their eye on two polarizing names in an attempt to improve their roster.
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Sacramento Kings could look to target two polarizing difference-makers in their attempts to improve the roster.

Missing out on the NBA Playoffs entirely after losing in the NBA Play-In Tournament this past season was certainly a disappointing step back for a team that not so long ago was considered one of the up-and-coming teams in the Western Conference. For as talented as the Kings are, this is a team that certainly needs to improve their roster if they want to bounce back after a disappointing year.

And with the growing chance that the Kings could lose Malik Monk in free agency, it could open the door for Sacramento to explore a potential trade in an attempt to not only find a replacement for Monk but also a way to raise their ceiling. While there could be plenty of big names on the trade block this offseason, the Kings could have a few options to explore if they're open to trading for a difference-maker in an attempt to improve the roster.

According to Matt Moore of Action Network, the Kings could circle back to the previous interest they had in Zach LaVine and/or Kyle Kuzma this summer. Looking at the landscape of the Western Conference, the Kings are likely going to need to improve their roster this summer if they're going to have any chance to compete with the rest of the championship contenders.

How much would a move for Zach LaVine or Kyle Kuzma mean for the Sacramento Kings?

Would a move for LaVine or Kuzma put the Kings in a position to take a tangible step forward in the West? That remains to be seen. However, it would be in Sacramento's best interest to try to make a move rather than to run it back next season.

Sure, the Kings can expect Keegan Murray to take another step forward in his individual game but if Malik Monk is going to leave in free agency, it's going to leave a huge vacancy in the scoring department for the team. That's where this level of move could make sense for Sacramento as they look to keep pace with the rest of the West.

The Kings are an interesting team to keep an eye on as they appeared to have taken a bit of a step back this past season in the West. How will they respond this offseason? We shall see soon.

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