NBA Trade Rumors: Could San Antonio Spurs part ways with explosive wing at deadline?

Would the San Antonio Spurs make a surprising trade at the deadline?

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NBA Trade Rumors: Would the struggling San Antonio Spurs consider trading explosive wing for the sake of being a bad fit on the team?

If it wasn't for the Detroit Pistons, more people would be talking about the historic struggles that the San Antonio Spurs are going through. They've lost 18 straight games and are 3-20 through the first quarter of the season. Victor Wembanyama has been as good as advertised so far this season but he hasn't had a winning impact on the team just yet.

But that's not all that surprising. It would've been unfair to expect Wemby to have that level of impact in his first season with the team The challenge that the Spurs are facing now is trying to build successfully around him. As good as the Spurs are as a franchise, it's probably going to take some time for San Antonio to accomplish that.

We could start seeing some retooling from the front office at this year's NBA Trade Deadline. With half of the season in the books by the time the deadline rolls around, the Spurs will get a better understanding of which players fit and which don't fit next to Wembanyama.

According to a recent report, one player who could be viewed as one who could find himself on the outside looking in is Keldon Johnson. Per Marc Spears, he could emerge as a trade candidate as the Spurs look to thin out their surplus of young wing players.

Would the San Antonio Spurs give up on Keldon Johnson this quickly?

Of the team's young core, Johnson is one of the Spurs' first building blocks of this build. It would be somewhat bittersweet for San Antonio to throw in the towel on his development. It would also be somewhat strange considering Johnson has started every game he's played this season and is averaging 17 points, six rebounds, and four assists per game on 48 percent shooting from the field and 37 percent shooting from 3-point range.

You'd have to imagine that the Spurs could get a solid return for a young, talented offensive player like Johnson. However, even for the Spurs, I'd be taken aback if they pulled off this move this quickly.

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For a rebuilding team like San Antonio, you almost want to compile as much young talent as possible, regardless of fit. Heading into the trade deadline, I suppose he's a name to wat