NBA Trade Rumors: Should Miami Heat target controversial forward ahead of deadline?

The Miami Heat may be one more move away from winning the NBA Championship
Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat
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NBA Trade Rumors: Should the Miami Heat take bite the bullet on pursuing a trade for one of the most controversial players in the NBA at the moment?

The Heat have already added Terry Rozier. The team has officially signaled to the rest of the NBA that they are not going to fade into the darkness. This team wants to compete. After all, they've got Pat Riley leading the front office. This is exactly why the Heat shouldn't wait. They should make a move for controversial Charlotte Hornet's forward, Miles Bridges.

Bridges would give this team an athletic forward who can score and soar. They could have Bridges come off the bench, giving this team a super sub. Or they can start Bridges alongside Rozier, Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo. That is a formidable lineup and one that has the potential to exceed all expectations.

In recent history, the Heat have struggled with consistent offensive outputs that inevitably doom them in the playoffs. Being able to match another team's offensive barrage is a must if teams want to truly contend in today's league. The defensive-minded Heat will always be a bit behind the eight-ball unless they acquire more firepower. Terry Rozier was a great start, but why stop there?

On paper, the addition of Miles Bridges makes a ton of sense

To get Bridges on the team, I don't think it will require much. The Heat have a young forward in Nikola Jovic that they can dangle in front of the Hornets, along with a 2026 first-round pick and any one of their four trade exceptions. Jovic is not a rotation guy for the Heat, so replacing him with someone who can actually contribute to winning basketball will pay great dividends.

Bridges averages 21.1 points per game, 7.5 rebounds per game, and 3.1 assists per game. Although he won't amaze anyone with his three-point shot, he hits it consistently enough that teams cannot afford to leave him alone beyond the perimeter. He is not a selfish player and doesn't always need the ball in his hands to score. This bodes well for the Heat.

The Heat is a collective unit that overwhelms you with a "win-by-committee" approach. They have four players averaging over 20 points per game with Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, Terry Rozier, and Bam Adebayo. Bridges' addition gives the Heat FIVE 20 points per game scorers on the roster, capable of filling up the score sheet any given night. It would be rather irrational to think that they will all continue to average over 20 points playing together, but the thought that in any game, any one of them can, is a horrifically exciting notion.

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The Heat made a surprise run to the Finals last year. They can do it again this year. Jimmy Butler is another year older. This team cannot afford to waste any more of his time. He has been a resounding success since joining the Heat. If the Heat are serious about contending, the organization will supply Spo with all the assets he needs to get this team back to the Finals.