NBA Trade Rumors: Utah Jazz expected to shop 2 key contributors this offseason

The Utah Jazz could be busy in pursuits of a trade to begin the NBA offseason.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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NBA Trade Rumors: This could finally be the year in which the Utah Jazz pull the trigger on trading two of their key contributors.

From all indications, the Utah Jazz are one team that many anticipate to be aggressive heading into the NBA offseason. Then again, haven't we heard that before? Nevertheless, at least from an objective perspective, the Jazz is reportedly going to survey the market for potential upgrades to the supporting cast around Lauri Markkanen. But even as the Jazz keep their eyes open for upgrades around Markkanen, it would also make sense for the team to smartly make future decisions on some of their veteran contributors, especially those that carry heavy value on the open market.

And according to a recent report, that is going to be the case early on during the offseason. Per Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, this could finally be the offseason in which the Jazz pull the trigger on trades centered around Collin Sexton and/or Jordan Clarkson.

Both Sexton and Clarkson are not foreign to trade whispers. Over the past couple of seasons, both names have surfaced many times on the trade block. However, for one reason or another, Utah has resisted pulling the trigger on a deal for either player. This recent report seems to strengthen the chances that a trade could come to fruition.

A strong trade market could be a precursor for a trade

Ultimately, you'd have to imagine that if a strong trade market emerges for Sexton and/or Clarkson it could be exactly what the Jazz needs to see for a deal to come to fruition. Utah is not going to trade either player just for the sake of trading them.

However, if the Jazz are offered a deal that they can't pass up for Sexton or Clarkson, you'd have to imagine that they wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

It appears as if the Jazz is heading into the offseason with the right frame of mind. They're not completely looking to blow up their roster but if the right deals do come around, they're also not going to decline an offer that may rock their socks. At the same time, they're also not going to shy away from making a big move for an All-Star caliber player if one arises.

All in all, the Jazz are approaching the offseason exactly as they should be. How it will all end for them remains to be seen. But it should be exciting to watch it all unfold either way.

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