NBA Trades: 9 Bold proposals to help Warriors reemerge as contenders next season

Brainstorming a few bold trade ideas to help the Golden State Warriors reemerge as championship contenders next season.
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The Golden State Warriors add a two-way enforcer

The Golden State Warriors could also look to the Brooklyn Nets to find a deal that makes sense for the team. One particular player on the Nets who could be on the move this offseason, depending on the other moves the team ends up making, is Dorian Finney-Smith. As a potential difference maker on both sides of the floor, DFS could emerge as a quality contributor for the Warriors next season.

Whether it's off the bench or in a starting capacity, there's reason to believe that DFS could be worth pursuing this offseason. A deal centered around Andrew Wiggins and their 2028 first-round pick could be enough for the Warriors to part ways with DFS. To make the money work all around, the Nets could throw in young prospect Dariq Whitehead as a salary filler.

While he does hold some value as a long-term prospect, this deal is certainly all about DFS and the potential impact that he could make in Golden State. The Nets would get a quality player in Wiggins, whom they could elect to trade again if they wanted to, and an increasingly valuable 2028 first-round pick from the Warriors.