NBA Trades: 9 Bold proposals to help Warriors reemerge as contenders next season

Brainstorming a few bold trade ideas to help the Golden State Warriors reemerge as championship contenders next season.
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The Golden State Warriors add a super sixth man

If the Golden State Warriors are looking for more of a scoring punch off the bench, there's one name that could make sense for the team heading into the offseason - Jordan Clarkson. He's a player that could very much be on the trade block heading into the offseason and the Warriors could probably dangle a future first-round pick and a salary-filler in an attempt to get a deal done with the Utah Jazz.

The addition of Clarkson could be the exact player that would successfully take a ton of the pressure off of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry on the offensive end of the floor while also giving the team some much-needed depth that Golden State thought Chris Paul would give them.

The big question is whether the Warriors believe adding Clarkson is a move that would extend this team's championship window and whether a future first-round pick would be worth it. Considering the Warriors struggled more than usual this season on the offensive end, Clarkson could be a clear answer.