NBA Trades: 9 Bold proposals to help Warriors reemerge as contenders next season

Brainstorming a few bold trade ideas to help the Golden State Warriors reemerge as championship contenders next season.
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The Golden State Warriors add an ultimate glue-guy

Heading into the offseason, if the Golden State Warriors believe that they could reemerge as a potential contender by making a smaller move for an ultimate glue guy, Grant Williams could be a potential attainable player on the trade market. It's far from a certainty that the Charlotte Hornets will want to keep Williams on the roster long-term considering they're in the very early stages of their rebuild and if that's indeed the case, the Warriors could be a team to swoop in to take advantage of this situation.

Williams could take added defensive pressure off of Draymond Green in the frontcourt and could give the team some much-needed depth on the wing, especially in the event that the team ends up trading Andrew Wiggins which they explored the idea of doing leading up to this past year's NBA Trade Deadline.

Even though Williams is not considered a star player, he's certainly a needle-moving championship-level rotation player.