NBA: 5 West foes that will battle Luka Doncic for supremacy over the next decade

Young Western Conference Stars Challenging Luka's Quest
Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
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4. Western Conference foe: New Orleans Pelicans - Zion Williamson, PF

We start our countdown with the shoe-breaking, unit of an athlete, Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans. We are assuming that Zion remains healthy for the next decade, as health has been an issue of his in the past.

Zion is an easy inclusion here, seeing as though he is currently only 23 years old and has yet to truly reach his peak form. Zion can take over games with his massive 280-pound frame. Players this big don't normally move as well as Zion does, but his speed and athleticism somehow aren't hindered by his weight. In essence, he defies gravity itself.

The Pelicans figure to be in the playoff mix for years to come with a young core of Dyson Daniels, Herbert Jones, Trey Murphy, and Brandon Ingram.

Matchups between Luka and Zion would be memorable. On one end of the court, you have the seemingly, effortless, slow-moving style by Luka Doncic against the explosive, aggressive, powerful nature of Zion. The two going back and forth down the court would be a masterclass in how different styles of play can dictate playoff outcomes.

Here's to hoping the two young superstars can stay healthy. The playoff battles these two will go through over the next decade-plus would be historic and talked about for ages.