NBA: 5 West foes that will battle Luka Doncic for supremacy over the next decade

Young Western Conference Stars Challenging Luka's Quest
Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks / Paras Griffin/GettyImages
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1. Western Conference foe: Oklahoma City Thunder - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG

The Western Conference Finals champion might just have to run through Oklahoma City for the next decade. This team is young, fearless, and versatile. The team is led by 25-year-old, point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He just might win MVP this season.

SGA and the Thunder are quickly becoming the class in the West. The always-dangerous Denver Nuggets will still continue to be a problem, but this young Thunder team screams potential dynasty. That makes life a bit more difficult for Luka Doncic, but a lot more fun for the rest of the league.

Gilgeous-Alexander and Doncic came into the league the same year. The two have had relatively similar statistical journeys so far, with Luka holding the advantages among the glamour stats (points/rebounds/assists).

With the Wolves and Thunder volleying for first place in the West right now, either "Ant-man", Anthony Edwards, or SGA could be the first adversary in Luka's way come playoff time. Shai and Luka play the same position and it's easy to figure the two would take the matchup personally and look to one-up the other. SGA is an elite around-the-rim finisher while Luka is an elite offensive everything.

There is a lot to like about this matchup, and this one seems like it has the potential to happen the most. The Thunder seem keen on keeping this core together, and we are already seeing what the youngest iteration of it can do, let alone how it will look 3,5,10 years from now.

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The West looks to be going through OKC, which means if Luka's going to get his chance to bring Dallas a Championship, Shai and the Thunder will be awaiting his arrival.