New York Knicks: 5 Supporting stars to target at trade deadline after Anunoby trade

The New York Knicks still have the assets to make another splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline.
Sacramento Kings v Memphis Grizzlies
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Marcus Smart, Memphis Grizzlies

Even though the Memphis Grizzlies have begun to play a bit better since the return of Marcus Smart, the team remains near the bottom of the Western Conference and is still 5.5 games out of the 10th seed in the standings. As disappointing as this season has been for the Grizzlies, Marcus Smart has been one of the few bright spots for the team. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, you can't help but wonder what approach the Grizzlies end up taking.

If they are open to being a hybrid seller at the trade deadline, the New York Knicks should explore the market for Smart. He'd be exactly what they'd need in the starting lineup next to Jalen Brunson and is another one of these versatile two-way players that could make a huge difference for the team off the bench too.

Smart is a step up from Alex Caruso and could be the exact type of supporting star that could do wonders for a team that is trying to take the next step in their development like the Knicks.

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The Knicks will have plenty of options heading into the trade deadline and at this point, it wouldn't be all that surprising if they ended up making another splash deal in the next few weeks.