Orlando Magic have exceeded expectations but can they defy odds in the NBA Playoffs?

The Orlando Magic have exceeded expectations this season, but are they ready to make a run in the playoffs?

Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic
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What about the Orlando Magic's offense?

What about the other side of the ball? Unfortunately, there are big question marks here as well. Right now, the Magic rank 23rd in offensive rating, indicating that they have a below-average offensive unit. However, like their defense, their offense profile is fascinating.

Although their offensive rating looks poor, there are a few things to like about their offense. Despite being inefficient overall, their scoring efficiency is solid as they rank 15th in effective field goal percentage. On top of that, they rank 6th in offensive rebound rate and 3rd in free throw rate, two of the most important predictors of offensive success.

One of the best parts of their offense is their effectiveness when cutting toward the basket. They rank 4th in terms of what percentage of their plays are cuts at 8.8% and they average 1.37 points per possession (83rd percentile) on these plays.

It's also been exciting to see them allow Paolo Banchero to take control of their offense and learn how to be a high-usage offensive creator. He leads the team in usage rate at 29.4% and he has an assist rate of 25.3%, a strong mark for a guy his size.

Unfortunately, there are some big red flags with the Magic's offense.

For starters, they are one of the worst shooting teams in the entire league, as they rank 23rd in three-point field goal percentage and 28th in mid-range field goal percentage. They are above average in shooting at the rim, but their perimeter shooting leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm also worried that Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, the Magic's two best players, aren't quite ready to lead this team's offense in the playoffs. While both players are talented and have been fairly productive early on in their careers, they aren't super efficient scorers and neither is an elite playmaker yet.

Banchero has a chance to be an incredible offensive force and he displays high-level flashes as an offensive player. However, he makes questionable decisions and turns the ball over a bit too often for my liking.