Orlando Magic have exceeded expectations but can they defy odds in the NBA Playoffs?

The Orlando Magic have exceeded expectations this season, but are they ready to make a run in the playoffs?

Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic
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What is the Orlando Magic's ceiling?

In some ways, the Orlando Magic are being under-discussed to a criminal degree. The fact that a team this young is having so much success despite having very few expectations heading into the season is incredible and more people should be talking about them.

However, that doesn't mean the Magic are a great team and it definitely doesn't mean they are ready to make a deep playoff run. In fact, I'd say they are still at least a year away from having any kind of postseason success.

The reason why I feel this way is because they are young, inexperienced, and have major red flags on both ends of the floor. The lack of perimeter shooting and the fact that they leaning on young, inefficient wings to be their offensive engines is a tough pill to swallow. Also, the fact that they struggle to defend one-on-one, have sub-par pick-and-roll defense and make a lot of mistakes in help defense could be massive problems in the playoffs.

This doesn't mean the Magic are a bad team, because they aren't. They just aren't ready yet and they have a few weaknesses that will hurt them in the postseason. However, the ceiling is high for this team and we could see them be an awesome team down the road. Watch out, because the Magic aren't going away anytime soon.

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