Paul George proving his consistency amongst unsteady LA Clippers

Paul George has been a positive influence for the inconsistent LA Clippers.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

The LA Clippers as a team have been disappointing but Paul George has been one of the few bright spots for the team.

Although the LA Clippers have been quite a mess at times this season, a huge reason why they are still respectable in the Western Conference, sitting in the 9th seed as they still try to figure out the James Harden puzzle, is Paul George.

With all of the many rotational changes and new lineups due to trades, PG has still been extremely consistent throughout it all. George has led a star-studded Clippers team in scoring this year, averaging 24 points, six rebounds, and four assists per game. With the insertion of Harden into the squad, the fact that Kawhi Leonard has stayed healthy this year, and the retention of Russell Westbrook, there was a natural belief that George's production would drop. But he's been really steady overall.

George himself hasn't missed any time this year, appearing in all 19 games, and averaging the most minutes per game since his 2018-19 season at 35. PG looks the healthiest he's been in a while, he's said this himself. And we can truly see this being reflected in his game.

Paul George's efficiency has been a saving grace for the LA Clippers

Paul has been extremely efficient offensively for his volume of scoring. PG is shooting a respectable 44% from the field. But when you factor in he's shooting 38% from 3-point land on 8.4 attempts a game, it makes it that much more impressive. Defensively he's been his usual self, averaging 1.6 steals per game, he's is continuing to bolster his reputation as one of the best 2-way players in the NBA, even at 33 years old.

George has had some big moments in the clutch this year - punctuated by a stepback 3-point game-winner over the Golden State Warriors over the weekend that will hopefully build some much-needed momentum for the team. But isn't wasn't just that shot that was clutch, he made some big buckets in the 4th to keep the Clippers in the game before ultimately pulling ahead.

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George's overall steady play has been a huge reason why amongst the changes the Clippers aren't at the bottom of the West. And if PG can remain healthy, and the Clipps can work things out in the regular season, come playoff time of course the sky is the limit.