Phoenix Suns: Grading the big 3's hot and cold regular-season performance

With the start of the NBA Playoffs on the horizon, we hand out grades to the Phoenix Suns' big 3.
Phoenix Suns v New Orleans Pelicans
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Grading Bradley Beal

Just the thought of having three elite scorers in a starting lineup is enticing and the Suns added what they think is the missing piece in Bradley Beal. He struggled with injuries earlier in the season and only played in six of the Suns' first 30 games.

The plan was to allow Beal, Booker, and Durant to develop chemistry and for head coach Frank Vogel to experiment with different lineups and rotations and figure out what works to their advantage. Beal has a plus/minus of +71 on the season and has been efficient when healthy.

Beal knows his role within the offense, and even though he knows he would have to sacrifice and take fewer shots, he realizes that he has a special opportunity with the Suns. Beal also knows that whatever he gives the Suns is a plus in terms of scoring.

If all three of the Suns' stars get hot offensively, it will become difficult to stop the onslaught of points. The amount of space they provide for each other when all 3 are on the floor is plenty because of the enormous gamble teams may take attempting to double-team either player. Beal has developed his game so much from just having a reputation as a shooter. He's a shifty player with good footwork, a good passer with sneaky good hops, and can handle the ball like a point guard.

The Suns could use Beal in a variety of ways. He could give Booker a break from being the facilitator and allowing him to play off the ball. That strategy gives the Suns a schematical advantage because Booker and Beal are interchangeable and they can excel at more than one role. Even when Booker needs to rest and goes to the bench, Beal can still be the primary scorer or primary ball handler, just depending on the in-game situation. Beal can still score in bunches if he wants to and the only reason his averages have dropped is because he is taking fewer attempts.

Beal's Performance Grade: C

They say that the best ability is availability and who is to say that the Suns wouldn't be in a better position in the standings if Beal hadn't missed so many games at the beginning of the season? Beal will need to be more assertive and take more pressure off of Booker and Durant.