Phoenix Suns: Grading the big 3's hot and cold regular-season performance

With the start of the NBA Playoffs on the horizon, we hand out grades to the Phoenix Suns' big 3.
Phoenix Suns v New Orleans Pelicans
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Grading Kevin Durant

When Kevin Durant was acquired by the Phoenix Suns, NBA titles became the topic in Phoenix as they knew they had a rare opportunity to accomplish something special. Durant, now 35 years old, knows he doesn't have any time to waste as he has entered the twilight of his career and would love to win at least one more ring before he retires. It will be difficult chasing that elusive title due to all the good teams in the West but Durant definitely gives the Suns an edge against any opponent.

At 6-foot-11 with athleticism and the handles of a guard, he can literally create shots whenever he wants. He isn't the fastest player and he won't overwhelm with quickness or speed but his moves are so smooth and finesse that he can get to the rim or pull up going in either direction, finish through contact, and can shoot it from any spot on the floor.

Whenever the Suns play through Durant and he's aggressive, they are tough to beat. At times when he becomes passive, the Suns don't play well. Whenever Durant possesses the ball, opponents usually already know what's coming. It's either an attempt to get him a one-on-one at midrange or he's setting himself up from behind the arc. A lot of Durant's assists will come naturally as opposed to him improvising and driving and dishing.

Durant has scored at least 40 points 5 times this season and he plays at the same level of consistency game after game. Even though the Suns are not in the position many expected them to be in the standings, credit has to be given to Durant for at least keeping the team afloat. He has only missed a total of seven games and hopefully, he can remain healthy.

Durant's Performance Grade: A-

Durant's presence on the floor alone is enough to concern opponents due to his ability to take over a game. He has meshed well with Booker and Beal and hopefully, his stellar play continues in the postseason.

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