Ranking 8 superstars that may be in play for Los Angeles Lakers this offseason

There could be a few superstars in play for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
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7. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

As we inch closer and closer to the offseason, it's looking more and more like a real possibility that Klay Thompson could end up testing free agency. If that does end up being the case, the Los Angeles Lakers are a team that is naturally going to be on his radar. Considering that the Lakers have already been linked as a possible landing spot for Klay, the noise surrounding this possibility is only going to get more and more real.

The big question is whether or not the Lakers view Thompson as a potential final piece of a championship puzzle. With how much of a step back that he's taken in recent years, it's far from a guarantee that the Lakers would view him as a worthy offseason target to go all-in for. However, that could potentially change depending on how much the market takes shape at the beginning of the summer.

If Thompson does end up considering leaving the Warriors, you'd have to imagine that the Lakers would be near the top of the list.