Ranking 8 superstars that may be in play for Los Angeles Lakers this offseason

There could be a few superstars in play for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

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6. Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Another natural offseason trade target for the Los Angeles Lakers, Dejounte Murray is another name that makes a ton of sense for the team. The Lakers were linked to Murray before the NBA Trade Deadline but ultimately decided to wait on pulling the trigger. There's probably a good chance that the Lakers revisit their previous interest in Murray at some point in the offseason, especially if some of the bigger names are not on the open market.

Murray would be a theoretical fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis and might be a name that makes the most sense if the Atlanta Hawks decided to trade Murray and keep a hold of Trae Young for now. Murray is on a fair contract and would likely cost a fraction (via trade) compared to some of the other names on this list.

But the Lakers will be aiming for the sky. And Murray may be a name that jumps on the Lakers' radar later in the offseason unless it becomes quickly apparent that some of the other big names aren't going to hit the market.