Ranking 8 superstars that may be in play for Los Angeles Lakers this offseason

There could be a few superstars in play for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.
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4. Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks

Two NBA Trade Deadlines ago, the Dallas Mavericks made the big move of acquiring Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. In hopes that Kyrie would emerge as the necessary robin for Luka Doncic, it's safe to say that the experiment hasn't worked out all that well for the Mavs so far. Last season, the Mavs didn't qualify for the postseason and even though the Mavs are likely going to make the playoffs this year, they're likely going to as a bottom-three seed and very well may have to win their way into the postseason via the Play-In Tournament.

As much as the Mavs may want to beat around the bush, the bottom line is that the Kyrie and Luka duo may not be an ideal pairing. And that's perfectly fine. If the Mavs do believe it's not a great pair, it's probably in their best interest to move on before it's too late. With one guaranteed year on his contract after this season, this could be the offseason to trade Kyrie if the Mavs wanted to.

Theoretically, the Los Angeles Lakers would be a potential landing spot considering his connection to LeBron James.