Ranking 8 superstars that may be in play for Los Angeles Lakers this offseason

There could be a few superstars in play for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.
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2. Paul George, LA Clippers

The LA Clippers may be on the verge of their first deep playoff run for the first time in three years but there are still some very much uncertainties surrounding the team heading into the offseason. One of the biggest revolves around what the future of Paul George entails. He's expected to opt out of the final year of his contract after this season and there's at least a small chance that he ends up testing free agency. If he does, he becomes likely the most sought-after free agent on the open market.

Even though all signs point to PG re-signing with the Clippers, you can't help but wonder if he'd be at least a tiny bit intrigued by joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis as a final piece of their championship puzzle. If there's any team that could potentially swipe in to sign PG away from the Clippers, it has to be the Lakers.

Again, after the Clippers re-signed Kawhi Leonard, it would be shocking if they didn't do the same for PG. However, any time the Lakers are lurking, they have to be taken seriously. And PG would be a great fit next to LeBron and AD.