San Antonio Spurs: 4 Dream offseason trade targets to pair with Victor Wembanyama

Exploring four bold offseason trade targets the San Antonio Spurs could pair with Victor Wembanyama.

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs
Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Looking to make a bold move this offseason, we explore four dream trade targets the San Antonio Spurs could look to pair with Victor Wembanyama.

The San Antonio Spurs may have one of the five worst records in the NBA right now but heading into next season, many expect that to change. Victor Wembanyama, who will likely be named the NBA's Rookie of the Year, is a big reason why. He's an emerging superstar and could very well become one of the top 10 players in the NBA by next season. With these high expectations, the pressure now falls on the Spurs to build a successful supporting cast around him.

As the offseason quickly approaches, you can't help but wonder how aggressive the Spurs will be. As we can only speculate, we explore four bold trade targets the Spurs should pursue this offseason to pair next to Victor Wembanyama.

Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

After being one of the bigger names to headline this past year's NBA Trade Deadline, it wouldn't be surprising if Alex Caruso hit the trade block once again during the offseason. Especially if the Chicago Bulls decide to completely pivot toward a rebuild, which can certainly be on the table.

If Caruso is shopped, the San Antonio Spurs are the type of situation where he could certainly help in a big way as a veteran two-way difference-maker. More as a complementary piece, Caruso could be a strong veteran influence that could prove to be pivotal for the team as they look to make a move up the Western Conference standings.

If the Spurs believe in their young core, a smaller move for Caruso could make some sense heading into next season.