San Antonio Spurs: 4 Dream offseason trade targets to pair with Victor Wembanyama

Exploring four bold offseason trade targets the San Antonio Spurs could pair with Victor Wembanyama.

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs
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Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans

Last summer it was reported that Brandon Ingram was not going to pursue contract extensions with the New Orleans Pelicans until the 2024 NBA offseason. Well, the 2024 offseason is nearly here. And we're going to find out a lot about what the Pelicans think of Ingram. He's likely going to demand a max extension from the Pelicans and if they're not on the same page, it could make for some interesting conversations.

Not to mention that there were whispers that the Pelicans may have to choose between building around Zion Williamson and Ingram just a couple of months ago. I can't help but wonder if there's a scenario in which the Pelicans end up exploring the trade market for Ingram in a way that the San Antonio Spurs enter the equation. In theory, Ingram would be a great addition next to Victor Wembanyama.

The Spurs may be a great situation for Ingram considering he wouldn't have to be a No. 1 option with Wemby and that he could play a role that probably better suits him. The big question is, how much better would Ingram make the Spurs and could they win a championship contender building around this duo?