Predicting the final NBA Playoff bracket based on All-Star Break standings

Predicting what the final NBA Playoff bracket will look like after the post All-Star Break run.
Sacramento Kings v Oklahoma City Thunder
Sacramento Kings v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages
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2. Denver Nuggets

Just a couple of games back in the standings of the top seed, I predict that once the official push for the playoffs arrives after the NBA All-Star Break the Denver Nuggets are truly going to take off as a team. The Nuggets have the experience where they know what it takes to win the championship. They know how to pace themselves and how and when the time is to turn it on. I believe we're going to see more of that down the stretch from the Nuggets.

Perhaps most importantly, I ultimately believe that experience is going to take over down the stretch in the battle for the top seeds in the Western Conference. Maybe I end up being wrong but I believe that the likes of the Nuggets and Clippers are in a better position to earn the top seeds over the likes of the young Timberwolves and Thunder. Again, maybe I'm wrong but I firmly believe that's the storyline that's going to be seen through.

But even if the Nuggets don't end up earning the No. 2 seed, they're going to be a team that no one will want to see in a seven-game series.