Predicting the final NBA Playoff bracket based on All-Star Break standings

Predicting what the final NBA Playoff bracket will look like after the post All-Star Break run.

Sacramento Kings v Oklahoma City Thunder
Sacramento Kings v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages
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6. Miami Heat

As much as the Miami Heat has left to be desired this season, this is a team that has begun to play better of late and is only going to get stronger once they figure out their rotation after the addition of Terry Rozier. As long as the Heat is able to avoid a major injury down the stretch, this is a team that should be able to work its way back up to the 6th seed and could catch the Philadelphia 76ers for the 5th seed depending on how the team is able to handle the Joel Embiid injury down the stretch.

For a team like the Heat, seeding doesn't matter all that much. Especially considering this was a team that made the NBA Finals last season as an 8th seed. This is not to say that they will pull off that same magic, it's just to suggest they shouldn't be counted out. For the Heat, their chances of making noise in the postseason could come down to how the bracket lays out.

If I were the Heat, there's really only one team they should probably not want to face in the first round, and that's the Boston Celtics. Aside from the Celtics, the Heat would have a puncher's chance to beat any of the other teams in the first round. They wouldn't be favored but they'd have a shot.