Suns vs. Timberwolves: Devin Booker, Anthony Edwards set to birth new rivalry

Devin Booker and Anthony Edwards are set to birth a new rivalry in the NBA as the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves prepare to meet in the first round of the playoffs.
Edwards vs Booker matchup may become epic storyline during playoffs.
Edwards vs Booker matchup may become epic storyline during playoffs. / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Booker vs Edwards: The beginning of a rivalry?

All eyes will be on Devin Booker and Anthony Edwards as this series could determine who gets bragging rights for best shooting guard in the NBA. The showdown between these two stars could be reminiscent of Magic vs. Bird or LeBron vs. Steph as this series could turn out to become an epic rivalry everyone talks about for years to come.

Even though Booker defeated Edwards 11 out of 12 times during his career, Booker will still be challenged individually especially after Edwards said in a recent interview with ESPN that "this is the series where I want to showcase to the world that I'm the best player and the best 2-guard in the world".

Edwards' latest declaration of confidence shows that he is excited about this opportunity to prove he is the best.

According to, Edwards was the highest rated highest rated defender among shooting guards which proves that he is capable of taking that title from Booker. Edwards will also have to come up big at any moment his team needs a stop or a basket in clutch time. Hopefully, these two phenomenal players give a show during their 1st round battle and hopefully, we can watch them battle in the postseason for years to come.

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