NBA Offseason: SCIC Roundtable – Part 4

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Aug 8, 2014; Akron, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers fan holds a LeBron Jaes sign prior to the LeBron James Family Foundation Reunion and Rally at InfoCision Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Staff Writer Morten Jensen who contributed greatly to this post with the generation of topics, compiling of information and structure.) 

There will be aplenty of new faces in new places this upcoming season — it’s part of what made this NBA offseason what it was this summer.

If there’s one thing that we’ll remember this offseason is that “loyalty” no longer exists in the NBA. That, and the fact that NBA players carry all the leverage, and power, in today’s game.

With that said, it doesn’t take any rocket scientist to conclude that this summer’s offseason has been on of the most memorable ones in recent memory.

Here is our part 4 edition of our five part NBA offseason roundtable series.

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