Boston Celtics: How Jaylen Brown can live up to his massive $300 million extension

Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown (David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)
Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown (David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports) /

Can Jaylen Brown live up to his massive contract extension?

“With great power comes great responsibility,” and for Jaylen Brown, that also means living up to his monumental contract as soon as possible. There’s no time to waste; the Boston Celtics are all in, and Brown must be too after signing a $304 million contract extension.

To achieve this, let’s thoroughly examine the three key areas where he needs to outshine his peers and reach his full potential.

Three keys to Jaylen Brown living up to his contract with the Boston Celtics

First and foremost, Brown must find unwavering consistency in his offensive game. During the last NBA playoffs, Brown’s three-point shooting percentage (35.4%) trailed only Jayson Tatum (32.3%) and Al Horford (29.8%) among Celtics players attempting at least 2.5 three-point shots per game.

While Tatum attempted a high volume (8.2 attempts per game) and Horford’s long-range prowess fluctuates, Brown’s three-point shooting lingers at a less-than-satisfactory level. This is far from ideal for someone who recently signed a colossal $304 million deal, putting him under immense scrutiny to deliver results.

As we dive into the details presented in the Bball Index chart below, a clear picture emerges: Jaylen Brown’s three-point shot consistency is an area that demands attention. To recapture the prowess he displayed in 2021, Brown needs to redouble his efforts in refining his shooting mechanics and finding that rhythm once again.

Brown’s strength lies in attacking the rim, making him one of the league’s most potent threats when driving to the paint. However, to ascend to greatness, he must also establish himself as a credible threat from beyond the arc.

Consider prime James Harden, whose triple-threat abilities with the Rockets made him an unstoppable force. Brown, similarly, must diversify his offensive arsenal, for he is already creating opportunities for teammates.

Unfortunately, these chances often depend on his ability to convert three-point shots. If he fails to perform consistently from long range, his overall impact on the team diminishes substantially.

Another area of concern is his ISO scoring. While Brown has shown promise as an individual scorer, he has yet to prove himself as an effective pick-and-roll ball handler or an impactful off-ball player.

According to, in the last playoffs, Brown ran pick-and-roll plays in just 4.2 possessions, with a dismal score frequency of 28.9%. In comparison, Anthony Edwards, who faced a similar situation, improved at a much faster rate, boasting an impressive score frequency of 63.9%.

To elevate his game, Brown could benefit immensely from increasing his off-ball activity, much like the Warriors did with Andrew Wiggins. By developing off-ball shooting skills, Brown can become a multifaceted offensive threat capable of leaving defenders guessing at every turn.

On the defensive end, there is ample room for growth as well. Brown must become more proactive off the ball, sharpen his control as a primary defender, and elevate his on-court communication.

While we saw glimpses of his defensive potential under Ime Udoka’s guidance, last season’s performance was disappointingly inconsistent. During the playoffs, Brown’s defenders scored more than half of their shots near the rim when attacking him (60.6%). While this is not terrible, it falls short of his true potential.

Being consistent with his three-point shooting, increasing his pick-and-roll or off-ball activity, and dominating on defense are all crucial elements that can silence critics and elevate his game to new heights. By focusing on these areas, Brown can unleash his full potential and establish himself as a formidable force in the NBA.

With the media closely watching and fans both cheering and criticizing, it’s up to Jaylen Brown to control his destiny.

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Time is of the essence, and the pressure is on. Will he rise to the occasion and become the player everyone expects him to be? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Jaylen Brown’s journey to greatness has just begun.