New York Knicks: Melo Talks Last Season, LeBron James + Weight Loss


Carmelo Anthony never really wanted to leave the New York Knicks. He just really wanted to get the same special treatment that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, his buddies, got back in 2010.

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He got that, and after re-signing with the Knicks, we can all move on.

And with every passing day, we’re that much closer to the new season. Where we’re also going to see a new Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony has reportedly re-committed himself to the game, and the Knicks. Per Ian Begley of ESPN New York, Melo usually takes a month off immediately after the NBA season in order to recover from the physically, and mentally, draining 82-game schedule that is the regular season. He didn’t do that this year.

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  • Instead, he began training for the 2014-15 NBA campaign almost immediately following the season. He took two weeks off.

    As for how he felt after this past season, one in which his Knicks posted a disappointing 37-win season, Melo didn’t hide his feelings. He wasn’t happy, but he’s doing what he can to make sure his squad doesn’t endure back-to-back depressing seasons.

    "“I was angry,” Anthony said Saturday at the Citi Carmelo Anthony Basketball camp in Manhattan.“I haven’t been broadcasting it, man. But I’ve been at the facility for the last couple of weeks with the young guys, with the coaches, trying to figure out that triangle offense,” Anthony said."

    Melo On LeBron James 

    Anthony also spoke on LeBron James, who has been on record for publicly supporting his move back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    "“I applaud him. I applaud him. I thought it was a great move for him,” Anthony said. “That’s not to take nothing away from what he’s already established and created down in Miami, but for him to go back home at this point in his career, you can’t ask for nothing better than that.”"

    Then, carefully sidestepped his way around the “Super Team” that LeBron has crafted in Cleveland after signing back in June.

    "“We’ll see them when we play them,” Anthony said. “They’re not on my radar right now. Don’t take that the wrong way. But they’re not on my radar. I’m focusing on one game at a time. When we play them the second game of the season, we’ll be ready.”"

    Skinny Melo

    Apart from the change in Anthony’s training regime, the perennial all-star has made another change. He’s dropped a considerable amount of weight.

    "“I think people kind of overreacted to that. I love to work. I love to train. It’s the accumulation of a lot,” Anthony said.He added: “Kind of switching up my eating habits, kind of taking on new workout routines, training a little different, trying to test myself and challenge myself differently from a training aspect. Also, I took maybe a week, two weeks off this year, so I was still in the mode from last training camp. I took maybe two weeks off over the year, and this is the result you’re seeing now.”"