Brooklyn Nets: Is the Nets’ overwhelming trio bad for the NBA?

The Brooklyn Nets might be too good for the NBA. 

When Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both elected to sign with the Brooklyn Nets during the 2019 NBA offseason, it was an interesting experiment. Two former important stars on championship teams that hadn’t, as of yet, won championships on their own playing for a franchise that has been, for the most part, operating in the shadow of the other New York team.

Add in the fact that Durant was coming off a major injury, one that had been the death sentence for many other NBA careers, and the Nets could be seen as nothing more than a big intriguing question mark.

And even though they got off to a fast start to the season, they were far from the runaway favorite to win the NBA title this season. Although, that all changed when it was announced that the Nets were also acquiring James Harden.


The addition of Harden to this current core marked the first sign of a true superstar big three in the NBA since Durant elected to break one up in Golden State. As overwhelming as the Warriors were during that stretch, after the acquisition of Harden, there’s a good chance that the Nets were going to transform into that.

And, through the first two rounds in the playoffs, that’s exactly what has happened. Through two games against the Milwaukee Bucks, arguably the one team remaining in the NBA playoffs that might have the best chance at beating the Nets, Brooklyn hasn’t had any issue. What’s make it all worst is the fact that the Nets have looked thoroughly dominating against the Bucks without Harden, who exited Game 1 after re-aggravating his hamstring injury.

Harden missed Game 2 as the Nets nearly outclassed the Bucks by 40 points.

Brooklyn didn’t miss a beat and this team clearly looks like the best team in the league, from top to bottom.

Why the Brooklyn Nets might be bad for the NBA

The biggest reason why the Nets might be bad for the league is that there’s no real competition for this team, or at least not at the moment. And that’s, in part, what made the league dull when the Warriors were dominating at their peak.

The only thing that was really able to bring down those overwhelming Warriors was injury. With all due respect to the Toronto Raptors, the Warriors don’t lose that NBA Finals series if they’re healthy.

And no matter what you say, the NBA was in a bad place when the Warriors were dominating at the rate which they were. Energy was injected back into fans and around the league as soon as those Warriors broke up.

Fans everywhere once again believed that their respective teams were going to have a shot again. A chance to build a potential championship team – something that was impossible with how overwhelming the Warriors were.

And, I’m afraid, we might be on the precipice of that same feeling. The Nets are running through the Eastern Conference and I’m not sure there’s any team remaining in the playoffs that are better equipped to take down this team than the Bucks – and the Nets are absolutely wrecking them.

I hope I’m wrong, but the Nets are so overwhelming that they made be bad for the NBA. The only way a true villain in any universe works is if there’s a hero to take them down. Right now, with how overwhelming the Nets are, there’s no hero in sight to take down this team. And that’s a bad thing for the NBA’s ecosystem.