NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers going hard after Jerami Grant?

NBA Trade Rumors: The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be all-in on the pursuit of Jerami Grant. 

It should come as no surprise that with just a couple of weeks left before the NBA Trade Deadline the Los Angeles Lakers are doing everything they can to land a talent that could help them recover from what can only be described as a rough start to the season.

The Lakers are currently 23-23 and sitting in the seventh spot of the Western Conference standings. As they continue to tinker with mediocrity, the Lakers are running out of regular season and are in real danger of missing out on the playoffs.

Adding a game-changing player at the deadline is something that the Lakers will be trying to do. Without plenty of assets, that could be tricky. Nevertheless, the Lakers have never been a franchise to give up entirely – especially not with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the roster.

The Lakers will likely make a deal at the deadline. Question is, who will they be able to land and whether that player will be enough to be the difference-maker that the team needs down the stretch.

It’s been reported that one of the players that the Lakers are targeting is Jerami Grant. And according to a recent rumored trade proposal (via Marc Stein), it seems as if the Lakers are going all-in on trying to acquire Grant.

Per Stein, the Lakers have offered Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, and a 2027 first-round pick to the Detroit Pistons for Grant. Essentially, the Lakers are offering all they could for Grant.

THT was thought to be an untouchable before the season (but that has clearly changed, mostly because he hasn’t made the leap in his game that the franchise probably thought he was going to make) and Nunn is an offseason addition (who signed for a discount) who hasn’t even played a single game for the Lakers this season.

The 2027 first-round pick is interesting because who knows where the Lakers are going to be as a franchise in five years.

LeBron and AD could both be gone and the Lakers could very well be at the start – or in the middle – of a rebuild.

It’s an interesting offer, at the very least. From the Lakers’ standpoint, you’d have to wonder if Grant along would be enough to get the Lakers back on track during the second half of the season. For as good of a player that Grant is, I’m not sure that’s easy to anticipate.

Grant is averaging 20 points, five rebounds, and three assists on 41 percent shooting from the field and 33 percent shooting from 3-point range.