NBA Trade Deadline: Grading every team’s 2022 deadline moves

NBA Brooklyn Nets James Harden (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
NBA Brooklyn Nets James Harden (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /
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Domantas Sabonis
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Sacramento Kings: C-

The Kings’ big splash was moving off of Tyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield, and Tristan Thompson in exchange for Domantas Sabonis, Jeremy Lamb, and Justin Holiday. From a bird’s eye view, getting off of Hield’s contract while acquiring a two-time all-star in Sabonis is a win.

However, at what cost? Giving up on Haliburton now, only in his second year of play, when Sacramento has seven years of team control left is a baffling decision, to say the least. It seemed as though the Kings finally hit on the face of the franchise, only to let him go after 120 games. Sabonis and De’Aaron Fox is a questionable fit as well, as the Kings will now build around two non-shooting players that want the ball.

On a positive note, they acquired Donte DiVincenzo for little-to-no cost. He’ll get to play more in Sacramento, possibly agreeing on an extension with the team in the offseason. Ultimately, the Kings are chasing an 8th seed, something that they’ve been doing for the past 15 seasons – to no avail. This decreased their chances in the future substantially, as opposed to holding onto Haliburton and building around him.

San Antonio Spurs: A-

The San Antonio Spurs made two trade deadline day deals, straying away from their reputation of standing pat in-season. They moved on from Derrick White, as the backcourt between him and Dejounte Murray had run its course. Getting back Romeo Langford and two potential first-round picks is a more-than-enough price for the 27-year-old White, who San Antonio had little use for. In moving on from him, more minutes are opened up for Devin Vassell, Lonnie Walker IV, and Josh Primo, among others.

Additionally, the Spurs moved Thaddeus Young to the Raptors in exchange for a first-round pick and Goran Dragic. Dragic will likely be bought out, but that draft capital is great business from San Antonio’s standpoint, getting another lottery ticket for an aging veteran.