NBA Rumors: Ranking and predicting where buyout candidates will sign

Miami Heat Goran Dragic (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat Goran Dragic (Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Goran Dragic
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2. Goran Dragic, San Antonio Spurs

It’s difficult to project what we can realistically expect from Goran Dragic, but even in a worst-case scenario, he should be a solid backup point guard that can help solidify some depth for a contender.

Dragic is not going to come in and drastically change the ceiling for any contender but he could help solidify a locker room and be, essentially, an additional coach on the floor. I still don’t envision him turning down the opportunity to play with Luka Doncic in Dallas.

I’m sure there will be other intriguing offers that could possibly provide him with a bigger role, but in the end, I believe he’s going to try and help give his good friend the extra bump in the Western Conference this season.

Prediction: Dallas Mavericks