NBA: Re-seeding the Western Conference after free agency

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After most of the offseason action has now taken place, we attempt to re-seed the NBA’s Western Conference after the NBA Draft and free agency.

The NBA’s Western Conference had somewhat of a down year last season. For the most part, the Eastern Conference was viewed as the more vaunted side of the bracket in the playoffs a year ago. However, with how the offseason has shaped, we can expect a bounce-back year for the West overall.

The expectation is that Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Donovan Mitchell will be moved at some point over the next month but at this point, neither of those moves is a guarantee. And if moved, KD and Mitchell will likely be sent to the Eastern Conference.

The West, for the most part, is settled for the offseason and we can actually begin to project what we will see once the regular season begins. In an attempt to re-seed the conference, we will get an early look at who the contenders will be in what appears to be a very deep conference once again.