Golden State Warriors could shake the NBA with a Kevin Durant trade

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Should the Golden State Warriors rock the NBA by trading for Kevin Durant? 

The Golden State Warriors dynasty continues, after winning the NBA championship this past season and overcoming injuries and a small rebuild in the last three years. The Warriors found themselves being the last team standing this past season. Now it’s expected for them to come into next season and defend their championship, but there is some possibility that some big changes may be coming during this chaotic NBA offseason.

Since the start of free agency, the Warriors have picked up some new additions and have lost some key players who’ve helped them capture the 2022 NBA championship.

Kevon Looney re-signed back with the club, while Gary Payton Jr. decided to join the Portland Trail Blazers and Otter Porter Jr decided to join the Toronto Raptors. Although the Warriors ended up losing some key players, they were able to add some additional talent by signing Donte DiVincenzo and drafting Patrick Baldwin Jr.

At least for now, free agency remains at a standstill. Kevin Durant asked for a trade out of Brooklyn and it pretty much broke the NBA. Since that report became public, it is believed that almost every team in the league called Brooklyn to see what deal can be generated to acquire Durant.

While the Nets have made it known they will not trade Durant unless they get a deal that suits them, teams aren’t gearing up to match the asking price of the Nets. KD’s top destinations were reported to be the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

Both clubs might not have enough assets to give up and still compete if they choose to acquire KD. It would be hard seeing both the Suns and Heat put together trade packages that would allow them to get Kevin Durant and keep their current core pieces that will help them compete for a championship.