NBA Trade Rumors: Magic expected to move on from 3 veterans at deadline

Mo Bamba (Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports)
Mo Bamba (Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: The Orlando Magic are widely expected to trade three of their veteran players at the trade deadline.

The Orlando Magic are likely to end up with another top 5 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. After some optimism that they could be a dark horse playoff team in the Eastern Conference heading into the season, it’s clear that the Magic are still a couple of years away from blossoming.

They still have a bright future but still need some development. And perhaps because of that, the Magic will likely be heading into the NBA Trade Deadline as a seller. That doesn’t mean they’re going to blow up their roster but that they’re likely going to trade away some of their veteran players – or players that don’t fit with the team’s current build.

According to a recent report, the overwhelming expectation is that the Magic is going to trade three of their veteran players (Gary Harris, Terrence Ross, and Mo Bamba) at the trade deadline. Or at least they’re going to try.

What could the market be for the Magic veterans? 

On one hand, you would imagine that the Magic should have a solid market for each of their three veterans. On the other, I’m not sure it will be healthy enough for the team to get the assets that they probably want in three separate trades.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising if the Magic have to package one or two of their veterans to get a deal done at the deadline. And the one player that could probably be moved by himself is Mo Bamba, who may be the player of the three that has the biggest or most value right now.

Bamba is an interesting big that fits right in with what teams want at the center position in today’s game. He’s a good defender, can stretch the defensive with his shooting ability, and doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective.

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Orlando is just moving in a direction that does not include Bamba. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player. He just doesn’t fit with where the Magic are at this point in their build.