NBA Rumors: Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant could miss remainder of the season

Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant (David Berding-USA TODAY Sports)
Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant (David Berding-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Rumors: One veteran NBA reporter believes that we have seen the last of Ja Morant in a Memphis Grizzlies this season. 

The Western Conference has been an interesting mystery for much of the season. However, if there has been one consistent, it’s been the Memphis Grizzlies (along with the Denver Nuggets). For much of the season, it seemed as if it was a foregone conclusion that the Grizzlies would make a deep playoff run in the West. However, all of that is now up in the air now that Ja Morant remains away from the team.

Morant is dealing with some personal issues and has reportedly entered a counseling center as he looks to get right. Officially, there is no timetable on when he could return to the team.

Ja Morant may have played his last game this season with the Memphis Grizzlies

When discussing Morant on The Hoop Collective Podcast, NBA reporter Marc Spears had some interesting remarks regarding his potential availability for the rest of the season. Per Spears, he doesn’t believe that Morant will play again this season for the Grizzlies.

There were already reports that Morant could be away from the Grizzlies for weeks and with the season coming to a quick close, it wouldn’t be that surprising if he didn’t return at all this season.

It’s unfortunate if that is indeed the case for both Morant and the Grizzlies. On a human level, though, it’s great that Morant is getting the health that he needs. And the hope is that he can get right. First and foremost, that’s what matters most. That Morant is in a good head space. Even if it does come at the cost of the season.

That said, this would be a devastating loss for the Grizzlies, as you would expect, from a basketball standpoint. And it’s even more unfortunate considering that the Grizzlies are ranked second in the Western Conference standings and would’ve theoretically had as good a chance as any other team to win the West and make a run to the NBA Finals.

Of course, this is all assuming that this “report” or if this “belief” is accurate. Either way, it’s looking more and more like a possible lost season for the Grizzlies.

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And considering how Memphis started the season, it was impossible to predict how this year would end for the talented young Grizzlies.