1 Obstacle stands in the way of a DeMar DeRozan trade to the Sacramento Kings

There's one obstacle standing in the way of a potential DeMar DeRozan trade to the Sacramento Kings.
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If the Sacramento Kings are going to acquire DeMar DeRozan, there's one big obstacle they may have to clear.

With most of the big names of free agency off the board, DeMar DeRozan remains one of the most impactful players yet to find a new home. At this point, it's a foregone conclusion that he's going to leave the Chicago Bulls. The question remains, which team is going to be willing to go all-in on a potential sign and trade of the former All-Star guard?

There is much reported interest in DeRozan but there appears to be a favorite at the moment. According to recent reports, the Sacramento Kings have emerged as somewhat of the leader in the clubhouse for DeRozan. That said, there is still one big obstacle that stands in the way of the Kings acquiring DeRozan. And that's finding a third team that would help the Kings complete a sign and trade for the veteran guard.

With a collection of teams interested in DeRozan, it could come down to which one solves the obstacle of finding a third team willing to help facilitate a deal first. At least for now, it appears as if the Kings could be in the driver's seat on that front. According to a recent report, the San Antonio Spurs appear to be a willing participant as a third team to help the Kings get a deal done. Whether or not they're close to completing a deal remains to be seen, but the ingredients may be in place to get something done.

Could the San Antonio Spurs solve the issue for the Sacramento Kings?

As the Spurs remain in the early stages of their rebuild, it would make sense for San Antonio to be open to taking on salary in exchange for a young player or a future draft asset. I suppose the big question revolves around which team - the Kings or the Bulls - would be the one facilitating a future asset to the Spurs.

But I suppose that's a question for them to answer as we get closer and closer to the possibility of a deal coming to fruition. Nevertheless, it's looking more and more as if the Spurs could be the key to DeRozan finding his next landing spot. At the very least, they're a team to keep a close eye on heading into this next week.

A week into NBA Free Agency, you'd have to think that it's only a matter of time until DeRozan's situation is resolved.

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