NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings considered a favorite to land DeMar DeRozan?

The Sacramento Kings could be in prime position to acquire DeMar DeRozan.
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NBA Rumors: At least for now, the Sacramento Kings are considered to be a favorite to land DeMar DeRozan.

Even though most of the top free agents have already decided to either re-sign with their incumbent teams or have already picked a new team, there are still a few that remain on the market. At this point, DeMar DeRozan is likely the biggest name that is still testing the open waters. While he has some reported suitors, his situation is a bit more complicated considering he could be waiting for the right sign-and-trade opportunity to emerge.

DeRozan is a prime candidate to sign with a contender but most contenders that had cap space have already burned through it. Even though it may take a sign-and-trade for DeRozan to get the deal he wants in free agency, there's a growing sense it will eventually happen. One emerging threat to sign DeRozan is the Sacramento Kings.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Kings are considered to be one of the possible "serious destinations" for DeRozan. If the Kings were to land DeRozan, it would likely have to come to fruition through a sign and trade. The Kings don't have salary cap space to outright sign him into, but they could make it work if they managed to cut some salary via a trade.

The Kings are still looking for a path toward improving their roster this offseason and with the free agency and trade markets drying up, DeRozan could be one of the few potential ways the team can upgrade their roster.

Would DeMar DeRozan be a good fit for the Sacramento Kings?

While there are natural questions about DeRozan's fit next to De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis in the start lineup, without the guarantee of enough on-the-court spacing, it would be difficult to view an acquisition of DeRozan as a bad move for the Kings.

After taking a step back this past season in which they didn't qualify for the NBA Playoffs, Sacramento entered the offseason in a place where they almost had to make some sort of move. As they look to continue to sell their core on a promising future, acquiring a player like DeRozan could go a long way in their vision for the future.

Over the next few days, you'd have to imagine that some sort of resolution is going to emerge for DeRozan. At this point, the Kings could be one of the few realistic landing spots for the former All-Star guard.

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