1 offseason move Los Angeles Lakers can make to ensure re-signing LeBron James

There's one offseason moves the Los Angeles Lakers can make to ensure re-signing LeBron James.

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Would the Los Angeles Lakers consider the one move that would ensure LeBron James re-signing?

Heading into the offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers will likely have two main goals. First, the Lakers will be looking to drastically improve their roster. It's already been reported they have high hopes of acquiring a superstar and they've been linked to a few options. Secondly, the Lakers need to sign LeBron James to an extension. LeBron has a player option for next season and while he could opt in, it'd likely be in the best interest of both sides to agree to an extension. But that's far from a guarantee heading into the offseason.

Interestingly enough, there is one offseason move that would all but guarantee LeBron re-signing with the Lakers this summer. It's not necessarily acquiring a superstar, though that would greatly help. Instead, the one move that would all but ensure LeBron signing an extension with the Lakers this summer involves the team drafting LeBron's son Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft. And there are some recent indications that it could happen.

According to a recent report, the Lakers are "willing to explore" the notion of drafting Bronny in the 2024 NBA Draft. In the words of this report, if drafting Bronny would make LeBron happy, they're reportedly open to the idea of it. In other words, they're probably open to the idea of it if they could get away with taking him in the second-round.

For as much as the Lakers want to keep LeBron and make him happy, I'd be shocked if they decided to move up into the first round to take him. The Lakers currenly owns the 57th overall pick in the NBA Draft. If Bronny is still around that point in the draft, the Lakers should take him. Especially if it cements LeBron re-signing with Los Angeles in the offseason.

Is Bronny James going to be a one-and-done prospect?

If the Lakers are willing to draft Bronny and LeBron wants to play with him, there's only one question to ask now: is Bronny going to enter the 2024 NBA Draft? Honestly, it's far from a guarantee. Bronny has only played in 18 games this season and is averaging six points, three rebounds, and three assists on 37 percent shooting from the field. If he was any other prospect, there's no question he would return to school for, at the very least, a sophomore season.

But because he's LeBron's son, there's a chance he does get drafted despite his lack of high production. That said, I think there's a very real chance he does return to school. If he wants to continue to develop as a prospect and doesn't just want to get drafted because he's LeBron's son, returning for a sophomore season isn't off the table.

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At the same time, the NBA draw may be too much to turn down. Quite frankly, you can't blame Bronny if his ultimate dream was to play in the NBA and it's right in front of him.