ESPN personality predicts superstar will join Los Angeles Lakers in offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers could be in line to land a superstar during the offseason.

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At least on ESPN personality believes that the Los Angeles Lakers will be able to land a superstar during the offseason.

In a decision that surprised many, the Los Angeles Lakers didn't make a move at the NBA Trade Deadline. Considering how inconsistent the Lakers have performed this season, the option to not improve the roster before the deadline was at least somewhat curious. However, one reason why the Lakers elected not to burn any assets at the deadline was because of what they believed they could do during the offseason.

One ESPN NBA analyst believes that will certainly be the case with the Lakers making a big splash in the summer.

On the Pat McAfee show, ESPN personality Kendrick Perkins hinted at the idea that another superstar will be joining the Lakers during the offseason. He didn't offer much detail of whether it will come via free agency or trade but seemed adamant about the idea of the Lakers another another star during the summer. Additionally, with how the Lakers' financials currently stand, you'd have to imagine that if they do add a star during the offseason, it will almost certainly have to come via trade.

Who could the Los Angeles Lakers have their eyes on heading into the offseason?

Even though Murray was linked to the Lakers before the NBA Trade Deadline, you can argue that he doesn't fit the bill of "superstar" at the moment. With the way Perkins was speaking, you'd have to imagine that who he was talking about or thinking of is a much bigger name. Interestingly enough, a couple of big names have been linked back to the Lakers since the trade deadline. Two of the more"realistic" are Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young.

Mitchell will essentially be entering the final year of his contract this upcoming season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and appears set on not signing an extension before he has an opportunity to test free agency. If that remains the case during the offseason, perhaps the Cavs open the door to a potential trade of Mitchell. Young is another name that could be on the move and there have been some recent whispers that the Atlanta Hawks could not only trade Murray this summer but also Young in the right scenario.

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Either way, there was a reason why the Lakers decided to stand pat at the NBA Trade Deadline. And maybe it was to pursue an even bigger fish during the offseason. Perhaps their inactivity at the trade deadline will be remembered as a smart move in the long run. If the Lakers land a superstar in the offseason, it's hard to argue against that.