2 Rumored offseason targets that could be disaster signings for Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons need to be wary of any win-now moves that they elect to take this offseason.
Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards
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The Detroit Pistons could be ready to approach the NBA offseason in an aggressive manner, but they could easily make a huge mistake if they make the wrong signing.

After another disappointing season in which the Detroit Pistons didn't take many, if any, steps forward in their progression as a team, there have been whispers that they could be looking to make an aggressive win-now move during the offseason.

The question is, can the Pistons remain patient and avoid making the "wrong" win-now move that could end up costing them dearly? That will be put to the test this offseason.

According to a recent report, the Pistons are expected to "heavily" pursue Malik Monk and Nic Claxton in free agency. With the recent whispers that the Pistons could be looking to make moves to help the team win now, this new report is not that surprising. However, I'd have my hesitations for the Pistons to strongly pursue either of these two free agents this summer.

The Detroit Pistons are a long ways off from competing in the East

Short of a sign-and-trade coming to fruition, the Pistons aren't likely going to be able to pry Claxton away from the Brooklyn Nets. Even though he's an unrestricted free agent, I have a hard time believing Detroit would be willing to pay the big-money deal that it's going to take to lure him away from Brooklyn. Especially considering the Pistons have Jalen Duren waiting to fully embrace the starting center role.

Monk is probably the more likely free agent target that the Pistons could land but even then, there are clear reservations the Pistons should have to explore such a move. At best, Monk has proven to be a strong bench contributor for the Sacramento Kings. For as good as he's been in the last two seasons, there isn't much promise for Monk in terms of becoming a full-time starter.

Monk can be a huge upgrade for a lot of teams; I'm not sure if that would be the case for a Pistons team that has many holes on their roster. Monk would make their bench better, but the Pistons would still have huge questions to answer when it comes to the long-term future of their starting backcourt.

For what Monk is likely going to cost in free agency, the move wouldn't be that beneficial for a Pistons team that has a long way to go before they're competing for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference again.

If any of these moves is complemented by the Pistons making another big move via trade, adding a veteran starter that could elevate this team's ceiling, then perhaps a signing of Claxton and/or Monk would make much sense. But until we know what other moves could be taken, the Pistons signing Claxton and/or Monk could end up being another desperate win-now move that doesn't yield much winning results.

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