5 Secondary playmakers New York Knicks can target by offering Quentin Grimes

If the New York Knicks are looking for a secondary playmaker heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, there will be several options.
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Collin Sexton, Utah Jazz

If the Utah Jazz are genuinely open to trading anyone on their roster, there should be a flurry of teams on the phone asking about Collin Sexton. One of those teams could be the New York Knicks. At this point in his career, Sexton has some rebuilding of his reputation to do if he wants to be viewed as a legitimate starting point guard in the league. Perhaps he can do some of that with the Knicks backing up Jalen Brunson.

Sexton hasn't consistently been the player he was before his knee injury with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The hope was that he would be able to tap back into that player with the Jazz, but that simply hasn't happened. Maybe another change of scenery is exactly what Sexton needs at this point in his career. At just 25 years old, playing with a chip on his shoulder, he could be a worthy gamble for a team like the Knicks.

Would the Jazz be willing to make such a swap for Quentin Grimes, a salary filler, and a future first-rounder? Who knows, but it's certainly a conversation that the Knicks should have ahead of the deadline.