7 Teams who improved, 6 who regressed after NBA Draft, start of free agency

Through the first couple of weeks of the NBA offseason, there has been plenty of action.
New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets
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New Orleans Pelicans - Improved

Notable offseason moves: Acquired Dejounte Murray

It's early but I want to take a unique path when discussing the moves that the New Orleans Pelicans have or haven't taken this offseason. At least for now, I'd argue that the Pelicans have improved this offseason. That could certainly change if Brandon Ingram gets traded, but we don't know if that will happen or how that deal will end up looking. That move aside, the Pelicans improved by adding Dejounte Murray via trade. A player that should fit well next to Zion Williamson, Murray gives this team a different element that they didn't have even with C.J. McCollum on the roster.

That's why I believe the Pelicans could be improved this upcoming season. If Zion can remain healthy, he should help create a lethal 1-2 punch alongside Murray. Even though there are hot rumors that suggest Ingram could be on the verge of being traded, I have to see how that situation settles before I count out the Pelicans. I love the move for Murray that much.

If New Orleans can figure out a way to keep Ingram, I'd like this team even more heading into next season as a dark horse threat in the Western Conference.

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