7 Teams who improved, 6 who regressed after NBA Draft, start of free agency

Through the first couple of weeks of the NBA offseason, there has been plenty of action.
New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets
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Philadelphia 76ers - Improved

Notable offseason moves: Signed Paul George, Eric Gordon, and Andre Drummond; re-signed Tyrese Maxey

There's still work to do for the Philadelphia 76ers, but they've done a great job in setting the foundation for what will be a strong championship contender in the Eastern Conference next season. Heading into this summer, the Sixers had the goal of landing an All-Star talent to play alongside Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. They accomplished that when they were able to sign Paul George away from the LA Clippers at the start of free agency. In addition to that bold move, the Sixers continued to add other contributing pieces around their core.

The Sixers' championship chances are likely going to revolve around health this upcoming season and how they round out the rest of their roster. But they've done everything this summer to put themselves in a great position to succeed. That's all you can ask for at this point in the offseason.

The Sixers now have a real chance to win the East. With the acquisition of PG, Philly now has the top-tier talent to compete with any other team in the league. For as good as they were this past season, the Sixers are about to be even better.