Boston Celtics: 5 Lofty, realistic trade deadline targets to fortify depth

The Boston Celtics can make a bold move at the NBA Trade Deadline to cement championship chances.

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Boston Celtics trade target: Isaiah Stewart, C/PF

Isaiah Stewart is undersized for the center position, standing at 6-foot-8. But that should matter for a team that has embraced positionless basketball. The hustle and muscle on Stewart should make up for his lack of size.

Stewart is not afraid to do the dirty work and I think that this Boston Celtics team could absolutely use a player like "Beef Stew." His frame is monstrous and I honestly see a little Zach Randolph in his game. Beef Stew is a better outside shooter than Randolph, which is a huge plus (he is hitting 39.8% from 3 this year).

He's still only 22 years old, so he could continue to grow with this iteration of Celtics players. You have to figure with the way that the Detroit Pistons' season has been going, you'd have to think they'd be more than willing to trade away the young big since nothing is currently working for them.

Stewart's effort reminds me of early Marcus Smart diving all over the court for loose balls and that notion should get Celtics fans excited. The skill is overflowing on this team, but I think that they could use a specialist in the effort and heart category, someone who brings energy any given night and Stewart would be perfect for the job. Plus, the Celtics have already been linked to Stewart recently.