Cleveland Cavaliers: 4 Bold steps to explore if Donovan Mitchell signs extension

What offseason moves should the Cleveland Cavaliers explore if Donovan Mitchell signs an extension?
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Trade Darius Garland for Brandon Ingram

One scenario that the Cleveland Cavaliers should at the very least explore this offseason is finding an elite offensive-minded wing that could help take some of the offensive pressure off Donovan Mitchell. One potential target that could arise for the Cavs is Brandon Ingram. As a player that many expect to hit the trade block this summer, Ingram could be an intriguing option for a Cavs team that could be looking for another complementary star player for Mitchell. If the Cavs are open to a reshuffling of their core, I can't help but wonder how much a swap of Darius Garland for Ingram could make sense for both the Cavs and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Pelicans could look to retool the roster around Zion Williamson and Garland could be viewed as a near-perfect fit as an offensive playmaker. For the Cavs, Ingram could be the exact Robin that Mitchell needs at this point in his career.

Ingram would help solidify the small forward position for the Cavs and would give the team plenty of flexibility on the wing heading into next season. If Cleveland is looking to make a big splash this summer, Ingram could be considered one of their best options.