Cleveland Cavaliers: 6 Trade targets that would perfectly complement Donovan Mitchell

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers explore another big trade this offseason?
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Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans

If there is one big name that is almost guaranteed to be moved at some point this offseason, Brandon Ingram is a player to keep an eye on. With a growing expectation that the Pelicans don't intend on offering Ingram the type of contract extension that he's going to be demanding this summer, it seems that all signs continue to point to a potnetial trade of him. If that ends up happening, there will be plenty of teams interested in making a move for him. It wouldn't be all that surprising if the Cleveland Cavaliers emerged as one of the potential suitors.

In a vacuum, Ingram would make a ton of sense as a supporting piece next to Donovan Mitchell and Evan Mobley. While Ingram has struggled to be a featured offensive player, he could excel as a second or third option in Cleveland. Ingram has been one of the more consistent rising stars over the past few seasons and should get his shot to compete for a title.

The Cavs, with Mitchell and Mobley already in place, would give Ingram that opportunity at this point in his career.